The twinkling lights that decorate the streets
Among those, your eyes are especially like the star light
As if you’re melting in my arms, you come into my embrace
You’re like the Christmas day

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hey i think i just dropped my heart and it shattered into pieces and i died - jongdae - angel -

EXO for Kolon Sport

Suho | Baekhyun | Chanyeol | D.O. | Kai | Sehun

Kris | Luhan | Xiumin | Lay | Chen | Tao

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all the more proof that yOU LACK MAJOR ASS - jongdae - also who made you pose like a mister mc sassy pants -

Jongdae PLEASE

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PLS - i will be so broken when they end breath promotions - chenyin - i might not be able to get back up again -
you are perfect.

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new antares pictures are so so sos oso sos quality - like crazy quality - i'm so looking forward to their next photo book - i have all of minseok's pbs but i only have antares for chen - where all the new fansites at - jongdae - kid jongdae -
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his expression on the last gif killed me - it fucking ended me - b99 -

Brooklyn Nine-Nine + jealous!Jake
"You want to know why she went out with him and not you? Because he actually asked her out."

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i love you andy samberg - you give me life - pls keep on being perfect and amazing - b99 -

Chen for Ivy Club

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stop ruining my life thanks - jongdae - kid jongdae -

No no, Baek!

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stop jongdae i only ship you with zly now - baekchen - bffs -
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where can i get myself an adult version of jang junu - pls - i am in dire need - return of superman -


They were so adorable during this episode

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damn i ship everyone and their mothers - has someone written a fic about these kids yet - return of superman -